No Women on Pro Wakeboard Tour 2 years running

And we see it once again.

Last year we saw Mastercraft run the US Pro Wakeboard Tour as a Pro Mens only event. This year Supra took over the Pro Wakeboard Tour and continue on the Mastercraft train with no women on their tour. To make it even worse, they have introduced a Wakesurf division on the Pro Wakeboard Tour with no women. Quite the double whammy.

The Pro WAKEBOARD Tour boasting about the biggest Pro Mens prize purse in the 23 year history of Wakeboarding, unmatched media exposure, and the inclusion of Wakesurfing is a complete slap in the face to Womens Wakeboarding.

All this coming from a company that sponsors the current female World Champion, I thought they would put women back on tour when rumours leaked of the take over.

It is very confusing and backwards thinking from both companies. We have been told each year budgets are tight and there is no room for the women. Yet we see an INCREASE in prize money to RECORD numbers, yet nothing changes. Why?

Are we going back in time? Come on guys, this is becoming ridiculous.

We are continuing to see so much progression in Womens Wakeboarding. The number of girls and standard of riding both have had continuous growth.

The back lash from fans and wakeboard community after the announcement last year I thought was doing the talking, but clearly I was wrong.

All the Women are very thankful to the companies who are supporting their sport, and if you do want to meet the Pro Women these are the events where you will find them this year;

16-19th April Nautique Wake Open, Waco TX

24-26th April Malibu Cancun Pro, Cancun Mexico

11-13th June Nautique Pro Am, Lathrop, CA

7-9th August Wakestock Canada, Ontario, CA

13-16th August WWA Nautique Wakeboard Nationals, Miami, FL

21-23rd August Malibu Tokyo Pro, Tokyo, Japan

16-19th September WWA Supra Wakeboard World Championships, Ferreira Do Zezere, Portugal

2-4th October Malibu Houston Pro, Houston, TX

For more information please visit


Orlando, Fla. (Feb. 26 , 2015) — The largest pro men’s purse in the 23 year history of the Pro Wakeboard Tour, $134,000, will be divided and at the conclusion of each of the four events around the U.S., $31,000 will be awarded to the riders.  The Supra Boats Pro Wakeboard Tour will be making stops around the United States, including Texas, California, Wisconsin, and Georgia.  The events will take place on Saturdays only, with the exception of the first stop beginning on a Friday with a chance to qualify for the first competition.

“The Supra Boats Pro Wakeboard Tour is focused on making pro men’s riding as progressive and innovative as possible,” said Rick Tinker, president of Skier’s Choice, manufacturer of Supra Boats. “The purse is almost one-third higher than last year, pays only the elite riders, and offers a huge incentive for the athletes to push the boundaries of the sport.”

This historic, $134,000 pro men’s purse reflects Supra Boats and Bonnier Corp’s commitment to and investment in the Pro Wakeboard Tour athletes.   All 18 positions will be paid out and riders will have a chance to go big or go home and vie for a lucrative spot on the tour.

“We have created a new benchmark for pro events,” said Matt Hickman, vice president of brand strategies at Bonnier Corp.  “With the largest pro men’s purse in PWT history and unmatched media exposure planned for 2015, athletes will realize more participant value than with any other event past or present.”

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