Sets In Motion

The motives are not modest: Sets In Motion will be the most progressive women’s wakeboard project the sport has ever seen. The project isn’t to promote any one brand or any one athlete – it’s meant to showcase the best that these world-class female athletes have to offer. The outcome, as you will see, is an all-female, multi-media project, filmed at locations around the globe, with the best women’s wakeboarders exceeding even their own limits – both on and off the water.

The idea is to inspire the current generation, along with future generations, by giving these women a platform to reach deep into their bag of tricks and demonstrate just how deep the talent well goes. The series will include the top women’s athletes along with up-and-coming talents in a multiple webisode series format, filmed throughout the 2012/2013 season and packed with action and progression.

“Women’s wakeboarding has progressed so much over the past few years, but there really isn’t a platform for us to showcase it,” said Amber Wing, who recently landed a trick (the double-flip) that some of the guys haven’t yet mastered. “I wanted to create something for Women in Wake with no focus on an individual girl or sponsor – I want to work with every athlete and all of the supporting sponsors. I wanted to have something that helps to motivate the girls and in turn progresses the sport by bringing new tricks to the stage to excite our fans even more.”

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