Women’s Snowboarding Icon Gretchen Bleiler to…

I look up to Gretchen not only as a Professional Athlete but also a professional business women.

Women’s Snowboarding Icon Gretchen Bleiler to…

Pay close attention to the finals of women’s snowboard Superpipe at X Games on Saturday evening. You’ll see the future of the sport in the likes of Chloe Kim and Arielle Gold. You’ll also see one of the most influential women the sport has ever known. She’s introduced new tricks. She’s won five X Games medals. She has an Olympic medal. And on Saturday evening, Gretchen Bleiler will drop into the X Games Superpipe for the final time. “I’ve been competing in the halfpipe for 17 years,” says Gretchen when she stopped by the Oakley suite the day after announcing her retirement. “I’m not necessarily done with snowboarding, but I think I’m ready to be done with halfpipe competition because I’m ready for new things.” Admittedly,…Read More

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